Alfter-Oedekoven ( is a small village between Cologne and Bonn, which belongs to the community Alfter. Alfter-Oedekoven has 5,400 inhabitants spread over 700 hectare.

The community has existed for several centuries. The first mention of the community Oedekoven leads back to the year 795 AD but at this time the community was named Odenkoven.

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Use the maps on the right for information on the location of Alfter-Oedekoven. You should visit this centuries-old community.
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    Coat-of-arms of Alfter:

This is the coat-of-arms of the Lords of Alfter, who lived in the village in the Middle Ages. The diamonds at the top were taken from the seal of the village of Witterschlick. The number indicates the five former municipalities.
Church choir St. Cäcilia Oedekoven:


You will get more information about the church St. Maria Himmelfahrt and the church choir on the following web sites:
Sports club: SV Blau-Weiß Oedekoven

Click the coat of arms to reach the website of the sports club of Alfter-Oedekoven
Photographical tour:

The following photographic tour through the village Alfter-Oedekoven shows you the quality of life and the unmistakable character of this idyllic village. The photos were taken by Willi G. Richter, a resident qualified engineer. Click on one of the pictures to enlarge it.
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half-timbered house "Auf dem Büchel" in Oedekoven   the elementary school of Oedekoven on "Jungpfernpfad"
View from the Ginggasse to the chapel   fire station on "Jungpfernpfad"
View of the chapel and the church St. Mariä Himmelfahrt   house on "Wegscheid"
Corner Büchel / Ginggasse / Staffelsgasse with the chapel of Oedekoven   festive decoration at sanitary Krämer corner Wegscheid / Ginggasse
Winter scene from "Im Wingert" / manse in the direction of Bonn   adorned market garden Otto on "Wegscheid"
The church St. Mariä Himmelfahrt from Ginggasse / Im Wingert   former residential building from Schillings-Kapellen Ginggasse
View of the church from "Jungpfernpfad"   view from the bottom through the Ginggasse
    middle of the Ginggasse
  View over the snow-covered fields below Oedekoven in the direction of Lessenich half-timbered house in the Ginggasse
  View from "Alfterer Straße" to the town hall of the community half-timbered house in the Ginggasse
  Winter scene of the new buildings behind the town hall half-timbered house at the upper end of the Ginggasse
  The town hall from the "Chateauneufstraße"    
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