In the following scale of time you can find the history of the name OEDEKOVEN.

795 AD
First documentary mention of the place ODENKOVEN. It was the name of an estate with rich lands. During the reign of Charlemagne a gift of land to the district Oedekoven is recorded. In this document, dated June 9th 795 AD, a man called Gerbertus, who also owned land in Lessenich (in "Laciniaco"), gave all his land in Oedekoven to the parish of St. Remigus in Bonn. The gift went to Cologne Cathedral, (Archbishop Guntar 850-864), where it was administered by the Dean of the St. Cassius Foundation.
1064 AD
1332 AD
Goebelinus de Undinchoven, resident in Cologne, Breitestraße. The house in the Breitestr. was donated to a foundation of Goebelinus for 12 religious women of his relatives (including Methildis de Udenkoven) and his son Henricus to the "Konvent Ödekoven" ( Ödekoven Convent). His sister Gertrud von Oedekoven married Thonis von Orsbeck in 1393 and the dowry was the estate Oedekoven. It was still inhabited by them and their retinue in 1449.
1333 AD
Gobelinus de Udinchoven donates his convention to 14 monasterys
1339 AD
Abolition of the foundation in favour of the convent. His relative Methildis de Udenkoven and his son Henricus had life-long right of residence.
1342 AD
Change of the convent of monasteries to convention Ödekoven in the Breitestraße new notation - Gobelinus de Oedekoven.
1393 AD
The daughter of Henricus, Gertrud von Oedekoven, married Thonis von Orsbeck and inhabited the estate Oedekoven, which she inherited.
1449 AD
The estate still was inhabited by Thonis von Orsbeck and his retinue. ODENKOVEN At this time in Odenkoven 288 inhabitants lived in 48 houses with 60 acres of fields, 94 acres of vineyards, 285 acres of brushwood, 10 acres of forests, 8 acres of quarries, 2 acres of meadows. The inhabitants worked on the estates owned by the church or nobility and had to pay half of the harvest to the sovereign. There were accompanying "court rights" which permitted the cultivation of the area, but a tenant named Oedekoven was never mentioned.
1599 AD
1600 AD
282 inhabitants and 47 houses
1636 AD
Daem van Oedekoven married to Sophia Dürens registered his daughter Clara (26.10.1636) in Alfter.
1653 AD

Adam Oedekoven married to Catharina Schellner (near Alfter) christed his son Bernhardus, who later married Christine Rumans. Hubertus 1655, Tilman 1657, Johannus 1659 und Jacobus 1661 followed. Jacobus married Veronica Vasbender who bore the sons Johann 1698, Bartholomäus 1700, Leonhard 1705 und Nicolaus 1712.

To read an extract of the following book from Robert Thomas, click on the logo:

Geschichte des Ortes und der Bürgermeisterei Oedekoven
Volume II (1979)

Published by the Community Alfter
Execution: Historical study group of the parish St. Laurentius in Lessenich

Dietrich Oedekoven * 1928 in Aachen (former town treasurer), Wiesbaden writes:
...during research into my ancestors my parents found that all bearers of the name OEDEKOVEN living in Germany and in the USA, descended from a 17th century man, who came from the vicinity of Bad Bertrich/Mosel, bearing the name "Ödinghofen" (parish register) and married in Remagen where the name"OEDEKOVEN" was entered in the marriage register (giving the right place of origin and birthday). OEDEKOVEN is the name of a small community near Bonn and so the priest chose this notation, because my ancestor could hardly write and his name sounded similar to Oedekoven (Ödinghofen).

Father of Dietrich Oedekoven: Albert Oedekoven born in Mehlem near Bonn,
Brother and nephew of Dietrich Oedekoven: Dr. agr. Albert Oedekoven and Arnd Oedekoven, Euskirchen-Kessenich


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